The human factor in B.TECH is the most valuable factor we take pride in. It is a reason and key partner in our continuation & development.

Dr. Mervat Hamed

HR Director

We Accomplished … Thanks to Your Efforts

Your Honest Opinion is Your Role in Development

B.TECH aims to be the best employer in Egypt during the next few years. To achieve that we cooperate with leading human resources consultancy firms like KINCENTRIC, to develop strategies and business plans. They aided us in surveying employees about the work environment, sufficiency & effectiveness levels of our human resources procedures and comparing them with the largest companies in the Middle East.


Exceeded average companies by points

  • 1+ point

  • 3+ point

  • 6+ point

  • The way we manage performance here does a good job of identifying my strengths and improvement areas
  • This organization actively supports the learning and development of its employees
  • We are retaining the people we need to achieve our business goals


B.TECH has succeeded in business expanding since its establishment in 1997 until it became the largest chain specialized in trading and distributing household appliances & electronics in Egypt. By working with "B.TECH”, you would be able to contribute in its success and achievements of the organization. We got distinguished by those factors that attract talents:


Job Security & Stability:

On working with B.TECH, you would enjoy a high level of security and job stability, which is an important competitive advantage that attracts talents to work with us.


Corporate Growth & Development :

Growth and expansion during the past 20 years result from diligence, striving and hard work. we have succeeded in accomplishing lots of things like increasing sales area that exceeded more than 40,000 square meters in our branches. We also do our best to approach our customers & to expand geographical coverage to provide services that meet our customers ambitions and desires.



B.TECH treats its employees with all respect and appreciation. Because respectful treatment is one of the most important retention factors for employees.

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Monetary and Non - Monetary Benefits

We always strive to create a high quality work environment to achieve desired balance for our team. B.TECH human resources programs aim to raise team's interaction, loyalty, performance, and professionalism. B.TECH offers a wide range of competitive monetary and non - monetary benefits making it the first choice for talents.

Work - Life Balance

B.TECH organizes many activities to help our employees in balancing between work and personal life. This has positive impact on professional performance within the whole organization. These activities include:

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    Gym and Football Playground

    B.TECH believes in the importance of sports and gives it a great care,so we have established Gym and football playground in HQ 3 in Tanash

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    B.TECH organizes periodic entertaining trips for employees in the best places at low prices

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    B.TECH Library:

    B.TECH Academy has established a library with +1,300 books in various professional and personal fields.

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    Summer Vacations:

    B.TECH helps employees to enjoy summer vacations at the most beautiful beaches and resorts, in installments and with reasonable prices.

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    Branches Break Area

    In the branches, B.TECH provides a well equipped rooms for employees’ convenience and the maximum comfort.

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    Cultural Competition

    B.TECH organizes a monthly cultural competition for employees to create an atmosphere of effective challenging, as well as awarding the winners.

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    B.TECH Championship

    Also, B.TECH organizes an annual sportive championship for employees with a closing ceremony to award winners and attendees.

Employees of the Quarter

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Development & Promotion Opportunities:

B.TECH is concerned with improving, developing and raising employees’ efficiency & productivity. This positively affects their performance, organizational performance, and customer satisfaction. Leading us to be employee’s first choice for using the following methods:

  • Caring for developing clear standards to measure & improve performance and results.
  • Setting and executing plans to develop employees based on their performance.
  • Appreciating & rewarding the outstanding performance.
  • Ensuring internal equity among employees by linking pay to performance.
  • Setting a career path map for the organization.
  • Creating an internal Assessment center to measure employees competencies and set development plans and implement it through B.TECH ACADEMY.

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