B.TECH Hiring Process

Application Process Tips

image Identify an opportunity that fits your experience & ambition
image Check our current available vacancies
image Review job requirements carefully
image Pick the most suitable job for your skills, previous experiences and strengths points

“Join a special team that is always keen to reach a work environment conducive for developing & learning , as key elements of our policy"

Dr. Mervat Hamed

HR Director

Personal Interview Tips

  • Be yourself: Acknowledge your passion, aptitudes, experience , capabilities ,strength points & identify how can you leverage all your personal brand to be successful at B.TECH.
  • Explore us: Explore our business, performance & way of working: Research thoroughly the company. Doing your homework to find out all you can about the company and/or the position.
  • Be Prepared: understand the requirements of the position you are seeking, and closely examine how your skills and abilities support that position.
  • Be precise while narrating stories during the interview.
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