CSR activities in B.TECH are based on three main categories



Includes donations and adopting social initiatives in cooperation with civil society organization/associations as: Egyptian Food Bank, Egyptian Clothing Bank & Egyptian Cure Bank.


Social Integration Activities

With Wayana international foundation for awareness & integration, B.TECH contributes in integrating disability-challengers into society.


Training, Development and Rehabilitation Activities

Provided in cooperation with Education-First Foundation, Egyptian Skills Bank and Dandra Cultural Center, as well as B.TECH Academy.

CSR Events

Feb 2018

B.TECH launches “Hantamem Al Farha” initiative with total cost LE 4.5 million

Donated 6000 devices of household appliances to 1000 brides in 10 governorates.

Dec 2017

B.TECH celebrates the graduation of 30 employees of internal business companies

The ceremony was attended by Dr. Mahmoud Khattab, Chairman of the Board of Directors of B-Tech.

Dec 2017

Houses Reconstruction Initiative in Kafr Hamid

50 houses were renovated in Kafr Hameed

Dec 2017

Chairman of the Company Board of Directors dedicated 5 million LE for Social Responsibility in 2017

B.TECH dedicated 5 million LE for Social Responsibility in 2017

Dec 2017

“B.TECH” continues its community initiatives

B-Tech continues its duties towards community and has sponsored and trained 564 teachers from governmental language schools in collaboration with the “Education First” Foundation.

Dec 2017

The Role of “B.TECH” in the Scholarship for Excellent Students

B.TECH has a very special and unique vision for training and qualifying through cooperation with the Egyptian Skills Bank and B.TECH ACADEMY