After Sales services for B.TECH Brands

B.TECH is the exclusive agent and guarantor for the following global brands that provide high quality products suiting variety of customers types and levels in Egypt:

B.TECH presents installation and guarantee services of its exclusive brands during & after warranty period. Beside providing original spare parts and all the other facilities to obtain extraordinary service convenient for customers.

Service Centers

B.TECH has 3 main service centers in Nasr City, Mohndssen and Alexandria. As well as more than 75 authorized certified service centers covering all Egypt. With more than 200 engineers and technicians, we grant highest level of efficiency and experience. This comes along with B.TECH customer service system via our short number 19966; equipped with large number of well-trained agents ready to serve you 7/24 and to receive all inquiries, guarantee, installation, delivery requests, complaints, suggestions and sales orders.

B.TECH also offers a unique range of exclusive services

Post-Warranty Replacement Service

Whenever you suffer from your device for any of these reasons: It is old, it needs spare parts, the spare parts are expensive, you no longer use it or even if you are willing to benefit from new features of the newer devices.

B.TECH would offer you the “post-warranty replacement” service for our exclusive brands. You would replace old products with newer ones and up to 15% discount on the new device.

B.SAFE: B.TECH Extended Warranty

B.SAFE service aims at providing more safety to customers after original warranty expiry. B.SAFE extended warranty period is 1 or 2 years, only if the total sum of original warranty years plus extended warranty does not exceed the four-year period.

Extended warranty includes all exclusive brands of B.TECH under following categories: (small home appliances, monitors, mobile devices, laptops, tablets, and other devices).

B.SAFE Warranty is available for purchasing online or at any of B.TECH branches ( in Cairo and Alexandria only).

Instalment Service for Spare Parts & Maintenance Costs

In January 2018, B.TECH has launched new service for installment of spare parts & maintenance costs. Such service would help customers to get original spare parts and sustain their device’s performance, thus extend life of the device.
This service is available for parts & operations costing over 2,000 L.E.

Built-in Air Conditioner From B.TECH

For the first time, B.TECH offers built-in air conditioner for customers with unique design. It won’t affect your home decoration yet adds aesthetic touch.

Built-in air-conditioning is advantaged by the function of operating a single air conditioner on more than one room, plus the continuous air renewing feature and its absolute silence dissimilar to standard conditioners.

Accessories and Supplements Sales service:

New service from B.TECH associated to accessories, supplements, and inclusions of devices from B.TECH brands, Braun devices’ accessories for instance.

Now, you would be able to upgrade and develop your devices to enjoy additional features and functions rather than your existing device features.